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Get Ready for the Procurify Exchange (PEx) Network
Seamlessly connect with your current customers and reach new ones.


The Procurify Exchange (PEx) network is a buyer-supplier marketplace that
connects users of Procurify (buyers) with you (vendors and suppliers).

Increase Sales

By joining Procurify’s continually expanding marketplace portal you get instant exposure to an array of new buyers. Find new customers.

Faster Billing Cycles

Manage your accounts receivable from clients anywhere in the world directly through the portal. Speed up your billing cycle.

Real-Time Communication

The portal makes it easy to correspond with your clients on every transaction. Prevent errors with real-time communication.

It’s free. Sign up today to be included in the marketplace when it launches!

Pre-Launch Notifications Sign Up

Be the first to take advantage of this opportunity! Sign up and stay informed about open registration and important updates.


FREE for Vendors




Phone Number

Why Integrate with PEx?

Streamline Communication

Procurify’s Buyer Supplier Portal allows vendors to communicate more efficiently with customers. Take advantage of becoming a registered vendor and be listed in our marketplace. This exposure gives you the opportunity to find new clients while increasing orders with existing customers.

Advanced Shipment Notices

Update your shipment notices in real time and keep your buyers in the loop. The Buyer Supplier Portal instantly informs all parties whenever a shipment change is made. Tracking shipments has never been easier. Stay informed.

Easy Integration

PEx can be used on any device that has internet access and is extremely easy to implement across your entire organization. Unlike other marketplace platforms, listing and use of the portal is FREE for vendors.

Sign up above to be notified when PEx goes live!

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